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The Eight Smart Mattress is our very comfortable mattress and our smart cover, sold as a set. You can also purchase the Eight Smart Cover by itself, if you've already got a mattress you like.

Our ridiculously cozy mattress and smart cover

Starts at $899

A cover that makes any bed smart

Starts at $299

We all want to sleep better. This is the bed that tells you how.

A cozy and comfortable mattress paired with an intelligent sensor cover that measures the quality of your sleep and delivers a daily sleep report. The cover can also warm the bed and turn on your wi-fi enabled coffee maker and other smart home products.

Turn any bed into a smart bed.

The Eight Smart Cover is a sensor layer that fits over any mattress and instantly turns your bed into a smart bed. Receive daily sleep reports each morning, use the dual zone warming feature to make your bed extra cozy, connect to almost any wi-fi enabled device in your home.

We believe measuring the quality of your sleep is the best first step towards better sleep

But we don't stop at measurement. Using a data-driven and comfort-obessed approach, we offer a family of smart sleep products for better sleep and healthier living.

The Eight App helps you sleep better and wake up smarter

Get a sleep report each morning.

Warm up your bed. Set smart alarms.

Connect to wi-fi enabled products in your house.

*Only works in conjunction with Eight products.


"What a difference a good mattress makes! I sleep much deeper (over 25% of my sleep is now REM sleep), the aches and pains in the hips are completely gone, so is my shoulder pain (I can only sleep on the side)."

- H. Logan, Eight Customer

"When you lay on the mattress it has a very consistent feel throughout and you don't get the sense that you are hitting a particular layer. This is how a well designed mattress should feel."

"The sinkage and hug mesh well with the levels of support and pressure relief. The mattress creates a nice combination feel between responsiveness and memory foam hug."

In the News

"Mr. Franceschetti, an Italian-born lawyer, attacked sleep from a different angle: by making mattresses smart."

"After sleeping on it every night for the past couple of months, I feel both better rested and more aware of the rest I am getting. That makes it an Editors' Choice."

"Its promise of in-depth sleep analysis sets it apart in an increasingly crowded field."

"It's not simply some newfangled way of counting digital sheep. It’s sort of like having an invisible butler."

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