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Smart Bed


The original Smart Bed, designed to help you track and improve your sleep habits. Includes three layers of premium foam for perfect medium firmness, and our proprietary smart-technology cover.

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Comfort Meets Technology

A medium-soft mattress paired with smart cover for sleep enhancement.

Wake up in the future

With proprietary sensors embedded in the mattress, our technology leverages your sleep patterns and bio signals to help you recover 100% every night.

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Enjoy a better sleep experience

Using your sleep data, Eight helps you design the sleep experience of your dreams to make you feel refreshed in the morning.

Sleep Tracking

Track over 15 factors about your sleep and health, including REM sleep, deep sleep, heart rate and respiratory rate.

Temperature Control

Sleep cold? Warm your bed side. Sleep hot? Blast the bedroom AC while warming your partner's side.

Smart Alarm

Eight detects when you are in light sleep and triggers the alarm when it's easier for your body to wake up.

Alexa, how did I sleep last night?

Connect your Eight Smart Bed to your smart home. Let it turn off your lights when you doze off, or brew your coffee when you wake up.

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The Smart Bed ships directly to your door in two boxes. It's easy to set up and even better to rest on.

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