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The world loves Eight

Clara Alonso


Deivid R Valdez


"I fell in love with this smart bed."

"I love this mattress"

"The smart feature is helping me to establish better sleep habits."

Sandra, S.

Rodney Wallace


"One of my favorite things in life"

"The features available are light years ahead of other products on the market."

Kyle S.

Jason Severiano Lampkin


"Time to get some serious shuteye in the city that never sleeps"

"Love this bed, super innovative."

"Glad I purchased this and not a regular bed. This is the future!"

Alex P.

Arnie Watkins


"The mattress is amazing"

"I get a full night's sleep, no tossing and turning, and it's so comfy!"

Nikky R.

Andrew McFarlane


"The perfect mattress"

"I don't think I will ever be able to sleep on anything else other than an Eight mattress."

Frida H.

"I'm an Eight convert"

"Makes your whole sleep experience 1000 times better."

Sam Y.

Cory McGee


Leanne Kawahigashi


"It’s 20 something degrees outside and I’m really thankful for the heated mattress I have from @eightsleep"

"Most comfortable bed I've ever slept on"

"Love the smart features!"

Ryan L.

Lex_Daily Parenting


"On a cloud!"

"The moment I laid upon it was the most magical moment."

Nora O.

"Best sleep I've had in a while!"

"I love checking my score each morning and trying to improve it!"

Carrie L.

Greg Lutzka


"So comfy!!!"

"Wish I could sleep in it more. I love how I get to see how I slept every morning."

John F.

Saturn+ Best mattress for back pain
Best Mattresses of 2018
Most Innovative Companies of 2018
Sleep Technology Council Member
Best mattress for the techie

“I hacked my restless sleep using this ‘smart’ mattress, and there’s no going back for me now.”

Hack your sleep with a Smart Mattress

What I quickly learned is that I toss and turn a lot during my sleep. My average number of toss and turns is 28, and according to Eight's website, the ideal number is five or less. That means that, even though I sleep the recommended amount every night, my sleep score rarely cracked 75, which is just a "good" night's sleep — not great.

Knowing this information helped me to troubleshoot my sleep.

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