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Built for deeper sleep

The first bed that learns the perfect temperature for your sleep, and dynamically warms or cools according to your needs.

Starting at $1,995

Starting at $1,995

Four layers of premium foam blend with the Active Grid technology to create the most comfortable sleep environment.

Eight Sleep,The Pod, Is Dynamic Cooling Smart Bed Expanded View

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Eight Sleep, The Pod,Thermo Alarm Digital Dashboard View

Wake up rested and alert with the Pod's thermo alarm. The Pod adjusts the surface temperature of the bed to wake you up gradually and naturally, without the sound of an alarm.

Woman SleepingPeacefullyon Eight Sleep Dynamic Cooling Smart Bed.

8PLUS: The Sleep Fitness Membership

Unlock the full power of the Pod, and access everything you need for top sleep performance.

Advanced Analytics

Daily, weekly, monthly trends and correlations for all your personal sleep, diet and activity metrics.

Coaching, Challenges & Experiments

Personalized coaching, programs, and experiments based on your metrics. Gain momentum along with community members and earn rewards.

Unlimited Content & Tools

Premium temperature features, a growing library of mindfulness, relaxation, and sleep-related content. Your one-stop app for all things sleep.

Connect the Eight Sleep Pod to your smart home, including Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest, and Philips Hue. Build the perfect nightly routine to ensure nothing gets in the way of deep sleep.

The Pod

72 Degrees Temperature after three hours of use in Eight Sleep Cooling Smart Mattress

Through its proprietary technology, the Pod optimizes the temperature to keep you thermoneutral.

Bed in a box

87 Degrees Temperature after three hours of use in traditional mattress.

Traditional beds absorb body heat causing its surface temperature to rise continuously during the night.

* Temperatures measured after 3 hours in bed

* Temperatures measured after 3 hours in bed

BedThe PodTempur-Cloud
Supreme Breeze
i8 w/ 2x
DualTemp Layers
Price (Queen)*$2,195$3,799$4,899
Mattress quality5 Layers3 LayersFoam + Air Pockets
active cooling + heatingFluid based thermoelectric systemnoActive air technology
Sleep trackingyesnoyes
App yesnoyes
Thermo Alarm yesnono

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