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This Sleep Hack Will Knock You Out In Just 60 Seconds

Posted by Carlie Dobkin
This Sleep Hack Will Knock You Out In Just 60 Seconds

No matter how tired we feel, we've all had that one night where we just can't fall asleep. The reasons why we occasionally struggle to fall asleep vary - from too much coffee during the day to anxiety and stress. 

In order to fall asleep quickly, you need to be in the right state of mind and body. This means calm and controlled breaths as well as a clear mind. Simple breathing exercises can combat anxiety and help with insomnia. Harvard trained doctor, Andrew Weil, believes the 4-7-8 trick will help you fall asleep in 60 seconds. That's right - 60 SECONDS! 


The method is described as a natural tranquilizer that reduces tension in the body and promotes relaxation. For it to work, you need to breathe in counts of 4, 7, and 8. Doing so, your lungs and brain will properly fill with oxygen, which helps catalyze a good night's sleep. 


1. Exhale completely through your mouth making a 'whoosh' sound

2. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds

3. Hold your breath for 7 seconds

4. Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds, making another 'whoosh' sound 

5. Repeat 3 times 

The technique is based on an ancient Indian practice called pranayama, which means "regulation of breath." If it doesn't work at first, don't worry! It will take a some time to master the rhythm. It also helps to not focus too much on the end goal. If you put too much pressure on yourself to fall asleep fast, your mind will be unable to relax. 

Have you tried this 4-7-8 trick before? Does it work for you? 




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