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Data Shows Football Fans Lost Sleep On Super Bowl Sunday

Posted by Carlie Dobkin
Data Shows Football Fans Lost Sleep On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl LII was a big night for lots of people, especially those in Philadelphia. The Eagles upset the New England Patriots with a stunning 41-33 victory. 

When the game ended at approximately 10:17 PM EST, thousands of Eagles fans swarmed the streets to celebrate. Based on our sleep data, we know that many fans sacrificed sleep to party. 

In fact, Eight's users in Pennsylvania pushed their average bed time 1 hour and 19 minutes later than usual. However, it was a different story for the losing team, with Pats fans only going to sleep about 3 minutes later. Perhaps they were all sad, like Tom Brady, and just wanted to be in their beds. 

Winning the Super Bowl also affected how long people slept, with Eagles fans sleeping 22 minutes less than their state's average (6 hours 15 minutes compared to 6 hours 37 minutes).

The game was held at the US Bank Stadium in Minnesota, so we wanted to look at Minnesota's sleep stats as well. Our users slept 20 minutes less than average on Sunday night. 

Overall, we noticed significant deviation from normal sleep activity in Pennsylvania, which we can only speculate was caused by the Eagles' victorious championship. 

Congrats Eagles! 






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